Meet Birdy's Best Buddies

So far, Birdy's been the only pup to make an appearance on StudioHotplate. However, everyone's favorite Studio Dog has two solid running buddies – and roommates – you should also get to know. Meet Bullet and Gypsy. That's Bullet in front with the big, goofy grin. Gypsy is the more serious little sister – born just a few minutes after Bullet – but she's definitely the boss. She just chooses to "lead from behind".

Birdy's a good 10 years older than these two jokers, but they bring out the puppy in her. Without their knuckle headed shenanigans keeping her busy and fit, Birdy would probably be lounging in that big "studio in the sky" by now.

Anyhow... everyone, meet Bullet and Gypsy. Bullet and Gypsy, this is everyone. 


Meet Birdy, Studio Dog

Allow me to introduce Birdy, the heart and soul of the studio. Without her, nothing much would be accomplished up here. When she bounds up the stairs and into the studio, all spirits are lifted, and motivation fills the room.

OK, well... maybe she doesn't exactly "bound" up the stairs. She is 14 after all. And those fragile back hips usually beg for a trip up the freight elevator.

But she's a real motivator. The way she sprawls out on the floor - completely indifferent to the endless hours of work being done - seriously motivates an artist to step things up a bit. If you can impress Birdy, you've accomplished something big.

Anyhow... everyone, this is Birdy. Birdy, this is everyone.